About Us

At Indian Couture, we are a ladies’ clothing shop offering you the timeless elegance of Indian traditions and culture merged with its restrained simplicity. We deal exclusively with ladies clothing. We take great pride of our Indian roots and global exposure to bring you the best of both worlds. Indian couture creates a perfect blend of Indian craftsmanship combined with modern trends and fashion forward ideas. We work with a number of top designers to help satisfy our niche clientele unique wants and needs. We also offer custom fitting for our clients.

The Indian sub-continent is a place of rich history and diversity. It’s a melting point of different nationalities and tribes with different cultural and religious views. With evidence dating as far as the 5th millennium B.C, fashion is a big part of this deep history. Boasting high quality fabrics with intricate designs and prints, different Indian clothes were worn for different occasions. As the years have passed the fashion has undergone some transformation. It has incorporated the western and modern trends yet still remaining true to Indian cultures and values.

We are an online brand with online stores in South Africa and the United Kingdom. We plan to expand to more countries around the globe in the coming future. Our goal is to be closer to you and offer fashion conscious solutions for the bold, urban woman of class. Whether it’s for casual outings, everyday-wear, or it’s for a feast or festival, we have an outfit for every occasion. On request we stock wedding dresses as per your needs. What is the perfect outfit without jewelry? Indian couture also stocks up some elegantly styled jewelry and ornaments to complement your desired look, be sure to contact us to ask for this.

We expand our after-sale service to include door to door delivery that is both punctual and reliable. To ensure customer satisfaction, we hire professional staff that is ready to offer uninterrupted assistance. All these services come at a very pocket friendly price and sometimes even discounts for our very loyal customer’s. At Indian Couture, we keep updating our catalogs constantly to ensure you the latest in the fashion world. In a bid to help reduce our carbon foot print we try to work with designers who are conscious about the environment. They use recycled materials and source local hands-on labor to produce their work. We also are considerate about animals and no animals are harmed in manufacture or distribution of our products.

With a population that makes up a quarter of the world’s population, Indian clothing is a big market. Our chief role here at Indian Couture is to bridge this gap. We bring India to the world and the world to India. We transgress the time barrier to mix vintage and modern. Whether it’s a Saree, Anarkali, Lehengas or Chaniya Cholis, get it in the finest weaving patterns merged with ultra-modern designs. You will turn heads and look glamorous when you shop at Indian couture.  

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